31 Dec 2010

2010 Year In Review: Let Go & Grow

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2010 was a year of firsts for me! I got to interview President Bill Clinton (and stood 1 foot away from Justin Beiber in the process! lmao) . Thanks to my friend Chris, I went to a taping of the Oprah Winfrey show (the post-Oscar show). I went a whole year without wearing a weave (I cant remember the last time that happened!).  My boy Brandon got us some great tickets to the Mary J. Blige, El Debarge and Jazmine Sullivan concert (Wasn’t a first for any of the three but it was a damn good show!) I had the privilege to serve as a juror (for 15 days) on a case that was extremely difficult but yet SO important. I learned that its ok to talk about how I feel…like really feel. Ironic, yes as this blog is made up of my thoughts on things but I blame my very Capricornian nature on my inability and downright fear of really opening up. So, this brings me to my most valuable “first” of 2010, I learned to let go. 

I met someone that has truly changed my life this year. Everyday, this person shows the most patience with me, listens to me and thanks me for being me…flaws and all :-) ya’ll remember that post, right? This person encourages me to speak, which can be very difficult for me at times as I didn’t grow up in a home that was too big on communication. But don’t get me wrong, it was and still is very much filled with love. But since meeting this person, literally from the day we met, communicate is all we do. Like the REAL kind that is filled with conversations that make me uncomfortable to initiate but necessary to have. Ironically, there are no words to express how grateful I am for this person. 

What does this have to do with “letting go”, right? It is all about letting go of the fear of being accepted. I spoke to this psychic lady years ago and she told me that I don’t have a fear of rejection…but that I have a fear of acceptance. Which means I wouldn’t even open mouth to share my ideas or thoughts. And I knew that what I had to say was valid but I just could not open my mouth to say the words!  Can you imagine how crazy that is?? I thank God this is no longer a problem. I especially thank the aforementioned person for that. 

So, folks what does this all mean? It means that as I entering into 2011 and the beyond, I have a new motto…feel free to use it and share it amongst yourselves. Drumroll please…”Name it & Claim it”. Yup, I’m feelin reckless y’all! No matter how crazy it is for you to think it, if you want it, say it aloud and get to work! Maybe I’ll make it a Moxie segment…thoughts? Oh and speaking of Moxie, I have some super cool things up my sleeve and I am amassing a small army that is helping me out! My launch last month was a bit premature but trust me and my squad, Feb. 2011 will be the kick off to something amazing and there some new realms Myss Moxie will be entering in soon, so stay tuned! 

In closing, I want to thank my friends. I have been blessed with amazing friends. Friends who by their loving and forceful (I need that, I can be stubborn) words challenge me to grow, everyday. *standby for a soapbox moment* Let me just say this about the topic of friendship. There are friends…and then there are acquaintances. True friends will do as stated above…they will love you all the way but the greatest blessing of a real friendship is having someone in your life that will occasionally force you out of your comfort zone for your own good. Please don’t ever confuse friendship with an acquaintance. An acquaintance can be pleasant or they can be enablers…beware of the latter. *getting off my soapbox now*
25 Nov 2010

moxie 3.0 + collaboration with

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I am beyond excited to launch Moxie’s new look. But the excitement is magnified because not only am I teaming up with a woman that I think is AMAZING, my dream to be more interactive is finally coming to fruition! Introducing the Myss Moxie’s collaboration with the t-shirt line!

My whole mission with Myss Moxie is to show the world how wonderfully magical life is and to encourage women to love themselves, flaws and all! Recently, I’ve teamed up with a super awesome young lady by the name of Daphne Valerius, who wrote, directed and produced a documentary by the name of “The Souls Of Black Girls”.  A short time ago Daphne started a t-shirt collection called that celebrates all the lovely shades of black women.

This is a super special collaboration for me because through these monthly segments, the spotlight is on YOU! I believe that if we all share and celebrate each other’s greatness, the world will be a better place and in my book, this is a start!

Myss Moxie Presents: The Segment – shirt collection from Myss Moxie on Vimeo.

25 Nov 2010

baby bro's beats!

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There are so many reasons why I am so excited about the re-launch of my webisodes. The new look, the segments, the style but I am most proud of the music. And that is because my youngest brother, 18 year old -  EJ produced the music. It’s actually a funny story. My father called me out of the blue one day and had so much excitement in his voice. In fact, I don’t even think he asked how I was doing! Nope, he went right in to tell me about my brother, his son’s music making skills. Now coming from my dad, that says alot! There is a long line of musicians in my family so naturally it was only a matter of time til EJ picked it up too. When I was a kid, my dad used to try to get me and my cousin Joel to record music…and even some rap songs! LOL. It was awesome. So hearing that EJ is music and my father being so excited about made me happy.

Now since I was looking to relaunch Moxie and looking to use original music, it made perfect sense to ask my brother for a sample of his sounds. Well, he sent me a almost 20 tracks and I was so impressed with all of them! And I am just so excited about working with him in this capacity and helping to promote something he is passionate about and yes, something my father supports as well. So, here’s to you, EJ! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with me. I love you!

07 Oct 2010

q & a

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I know I’m posting this for all the world to see, but it’s purpose is meant for me. I have been struggling with something for the last few weeks. I inquired with my family and friends and yes, God – to help me find some sort of resolution. I knew that friends and family would be more of a direct answer to my question as they are more “tangible” and would advise me with love. But I knew that the one person that knows my heart the most and knows my purpose, even more than I know myself would be the one with the answers. So, I asked God for a sign…something. Now, I had no idea how long it would take to get my answer but I KNEW that I would recieve it. Well, a few days ago, he brought someone into my life that reminded me that I was on the right track. And it’s so funny because he showed me not once, not twice but three times WITH THE SAME PERSON…just in case I didn’t get it (HE knows I can be stubborn). I’m certain you will see this person’s name come up several times going forward. But until then, I’ll keep it under wraps.

And you know something, the more I write, the more my purpose is reconfirmed.

So, this post is to thank God once again for his abundant blessings and constant reminder that he will ALWAYS have my back…ALWAYS.

28 Sep 2010

higher love

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Steve Winwood and Chaka Khan’s duet, “Higher Love” is one of my favorite songs…EVER. Woah, let me back track, I had the GREAT pleasure of working what will probably go down as one of my favorite red carpets EVER, last weekend! It was the UNCF’s tribute to Chaka Khan. I mean this woman is as amazing in real life as you want her to be. She has the most amazing energy and honest to goodness makes me wanna wear wild red (auburn) hair and rock out. Besides interviewing Chaka herself, Monique, El Debarge, Howard Hewitt, Herbie Hancock and Melanie Fiona (who is one of my fave new singers) were there plus a bunch more but it was the woman being honored that night that made the event so amazing!

If you follow me on twitter, you know that Chaka’s “Ain’t Nobody” just might be my all time fave Karaoke jam but this duet with Steve Winwood….wooooo lawd its a close 2nd. Anyhoo, not only is “Higher Love” just an amazing amazing song sonically, the lyrics are amazing. It’s funny, as I’ve grown older, I pay attention to lyrics way more. Sure, I’ve sung the song but never really truly listened to how deep the messages can be, “Higher Love” is a prime example.

15 Sep 2010

le sigh

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only two other people in this world knows what this picture of Judy Jetson means…i’ll leave it at that!

06 Jul 2010


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I, for the life of me do not understand HOW or WHY people eat Calamari! Do ya’ll know that its SQUID!! Its like the cousin of an OCTOPUS! You know, that creepy tentacled sea creature that almost gobbled up Popeye aka Robin Williams in the big screen adapation of Popeye!? Or for you youngens that never saw Popeye, perhaps the image of Ursula – yes the evil Octopus queen in The Little Mermaid (above) paints a better picture! BTW-this entry is laced with sarcasm, so if you think I’m being a little “much” you are a. obviously a new Moxie reader…in that case, HELLO! or b. you have no sense of humor (again, sarcasm) or c. you might be a staunch Vegan and if that is the case…um, I don’t eat venison because I think of Bambi – go Veggies! :-D

Alrighty then, so back to my point, I guess what I’m tryin to say is that I can’t eat anything that in my brain, wasn’t “pretty” alive. Vegetables included, although I used to be deathly afraid of artichokes until I had some yummo artichoke dip a few years ago and that quieted my ignorance with the QUICKNESS!! I know what you’re thinking, chickens aren’t the prettiest looking animals and some fish, including catfish are downright UGLY! But because I am a human being which means I am full of contradictions, I have no problem downing a delicious catfish sammich! YUM! And as far as chickens go, I have seen a chicken go from clucking to my plate within hours. This came courtesy my trip to Haiti several years ago. Was I hesitant to eat my de-feathered friend after I had fed it some bread a few hours ago? Yes. But was I hungry and more afraid of getting my pre-teen behind whooped by my auntie for not eating the dinner the hardworking cook conjured up…YES!

Finally, I love sushi but I REFUSE to eat Eel! EEEK! I mean those things are GA-ROSSSSSS! And if you remember, Ursula’s evil-doers were eels! Hmmmmm…maybe that movie influenced my palate a little more than I realized!

09 Jun 2010

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes!

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I adore this little girl!!! She’s is just determined to win!


04 Jun 2010

speak up

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First things first, I am reluctantly ending the fitness challenge. :-/ The ankle injury REALLY messed up my little plan and my eating patterns definitely took a hit as well. I think folks eat better when they are working out…its like a subliminal thing or something. Anyhoo, me and a couple of folks are starting the master cleanse on Monday, so if any of ya’ll wanna join – please do!

Ok, I had an entry all written up and ready to roll out last night but I had a conversation with someone…super important – the conversation and the person and it really put alot of things into perspective. But what it mainly did was reinforce how important it is to speak up and reminded me that my opinion is valid. It also reminded me that someone that really cares about you would never judge you and will be patient with you. Patience is SO important. 

It was a rollercoaster week for me but thanks to that phone call, the week is ending on a fantastical note. And despite the funky lull I was in, I remained insanely optimistic. I knew the feeling wouldn’t last forever…I absolutely wouldn’t let it. The truth and the meaning of every test will reveal itself because like everything else in life, its only a matter of time.

*Disclaimer – I just want to make sure you all understand that I am eternally grateful for my life and the ABUNDANCE of blessings God has given me. So, while my current entry might sound super vague or like an excerpt from Debbie Downer’s Diary, I assure you – I’ll be alright. :-) I don’t call myself Moxie for nothin’!

Oh and as you can see, I haven’t been writing everyday.  I’m trying to find a balance between writing and sharing thoughts with meaning and including ya’ll in cool things I stumble across. But as usual, thank you for stopping by :-)

01 Jun 2010

c'est bon

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My friends put me on to THE hottest ish (Shout out to SoloProject)! This cat named Onra from Paris just released his latest album and I really needed to hear something cool and different to help break up the monotony of the wacky day that I was having. You can listen to the whole album, Long Distancehere for FREE!!  I might mess around and move to Paris off of this here! THIS IS PERFECT. Enjoy!

Here’s another link to his stuff.

I really needed to hear this today…sheesh.